Some reasons why you'll love us:

Our Inspiration

We're sure you're gonna love Cocada as much as we do because we believe the most unique things come from the most unique places.

Located in Central America, Guatemala is a very small country that will make impossible not to fall in love with once you discover it. 

It's full of surprises, from the charming people to amazing views but more than all, we think its culture is what make this place so colorful and different, it's definitely one of a kind.

Why "Cocada"?

The way we feel about our products is the way a kid feels about candy, all those colors, textures and shapes can turn any moment into a sweet one. That's why we call our goodies "treats for your home".

Cocada is a treat consisting of coconut that is prepared differently in each Latin American country. However, its the Guatemalan Cocadas that hold a special place in our hearts.

You will be delighted with each product of our exclusive selection so get ready cause we're here to sprinkle fun and happiness to your home!

Handmade with Love!

We're all about partnering with brands that align with our values and are dedicated to make a positive impact!

Cocada aims to deliver centuries of handmade goodness straight from the passionate souls of our talented artisans, all while giving back to their local communities.

Guatemala is a place where vibrant colors and masterful craftmanship collide! It's a shame that our hidden gems are often overlooked, but hey, you're one lucky explorer!